Understanding The Pros & Cons Of HVOF Spraying

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, and from its name, it is easy to deduce that this thermal spray process has to do with using molten materials (or semi-molten materials) at a high speed on substrates. HVOF coatings can provide many unique coating properties for a wide range of applications across different industries, and […]

Coatings Prevent Corrosion And Insulate At The Same Time

Imagine if, simply by using the right kind of insulation, you could reduce your corrosion costs by 60% annually. Best of all, that’s only the beginning of the wonders of today’s high-tech corrosion preventing insulation! CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) Multiple industries have been plagued by corrosion under insulation since the first tanks, hot pipes, and […]

Superhydrophobic Coating Would Make Submarines Glide More Smoothly

A new coating is being researched by the Navy. When applied to ships and submarines, it would reduce fuel costs by making them glide through the water more easily. What is this miracle substance? The coating is being referred to as “superhydrophobic”. It is thought that in regard to fuel costs, it will save millions […]