“You and the ACS team have been a joy to work with over the last 10 months or so. I wish you guys the best—ACS is a perfect example of a distributor that delivers results.”
PW Power Systems

“Great!! You guys are such a class act — I’m glad our team was ready to move forward and wanted to award it to ACS.”

PW Power Systems
“Thanks to ACS for having the parts we need and handling our orders with a sense of urgency. You guys are great to work with.”
PW Power Systems
“Our team has the parts!!  Thanks so much for the fantastic support on this one. ACS received order later than anticipated/promised and performed flawlessly.”
PW Power Systems
“Jeff, Just wanted to give you an update before I leave for the day. I ran your 4″ barrel WC today, it ran GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put 8.3 hrs on the barrel and I am very impressed. I asked Marissa to put a cost comp between you and our current supplier so we can show everyone how much we can be saving by switching to you. Again, thanks for all your hard work on our process.”
“You’ll get no better customer service anywhere else in the Houston area, maybe the entire country. Great people, great products and services, and awesome customer service. My preferred contractor for any job, big or small.”
Scott Beckius
“Best customer service you will ever get. When you need it quick you can count on Alloy Coating Supply!”
Alfredo Rios
“Awesome people and great service! Give ACS a try and you will be pleased!”
Teddy Mathis
“Exceptionally true to their commitment “Customer Built Customer Focused”. Supply chain Management at its best.”
Bipin Solunke
“The installation went very well. It took just me and a second guy. The customer is very pleased… Very good quality.”
Christian Witzke