About Alloy Coating Supply

Our Story:

Alloy Coating Supply was established in 2012 with the goal of becoming the premier independent technology and service company specializing in thermal spray coating equipment, surface preparation equipment, thermal spray auxiliaries, and more in the southern US O&G manufacturing region. ACS was founded by Jeffrey Noto after 20+ years of successfully servicing top tier accounts as a highly rated and respected industrial sales representative. During this time, Jeffrey learned the technical demands and needs of the Thermal Spray Industry while forging long lasting relationships with both suppliers and customers. Jeffrey has assembled a strong leadership team to compliment and support the ACS culture of "CUSTOMER BUILT. CUSTOMER FOCUSED." By combining our deep understanding of manufacturing processes and global experience of implementing solutions to many major manufacturing companies, we provide manufacturing enterprise solutions that enable our customers to focus on core competencies and processes that are critical for success. ACS is ISO compliant and operates in accordance to an ISO Quality Manual.

Our sales office and warehouse is conveniently located in Houston, TX allowing expedient, expert service to customers throughout North America and around the world. We offer our customers quality products & services, on time at competitive pricing while maintain the highest ethical business practices. Simply put, we say what we are going to do and then we do just that.

Our Team


President / Sales / Owner
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Jeffrey Noto has a passion for providing the highest quality of service through a wealth of experience in supply chain management and manufacturing. He has a knack for being able to foster and preserve long lasting supplier and customer relationships by understanding, valuing and viewing them as more of a two way Partnership. This allows him to provide consistent unsurpassed service to the end customer. Jeffrey has over 18 plus years of Industrial Sales experience in real world practical applications were he was highly recognized for his efforts and hard work. This is where he learned the true value of Customer Service commitment. He feels customer service is paramount in all that he and ACS does. This philosophy is the fundamental principle and foundation for our “Customer Built. Customer Focused” culture. Being customer oriented coupled with the constant drive to set the precedence in providing innovative products and services is what sets Jeffrey apart from your typical successful business owner.


Accounting Manager / Front Office
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The meticulous research skills, diagnosis interpretations, treatment assessments and overall experience obtained while achieving a B.S. in Nuclear Medicine as well as working in the same field at Conroe Regional has translated greatly for Jenny’s leadership role at ACS. Her strong organizational skills, knowledge of business finance and many years of patient customer relationship building is the foundation for the best practices/processes that ACS uses on a daily bases. They aide in maintaining the overall “CUSTOMER FOCUSED” culture that makes us so proud. Please contact Jenny with any AP/AR concerns.